Why We Are Here

Employees' health conditions have extensive direct and indirect costs that crush the company's bottom line. Over 87% of all healthcare costs are for preventable issues. Businesses are losing over $153 Billion dollars in productivity, annually, to absenteeism alone. When presenteeism is included in this, that number more than doubles; presenteeism being the ability to come to work but function with decreased production, quality, and produce less volume of work. Overall healthcare in the US has exceeded $1 Trillion dollars annually and American businesses are shouldering over half of this cost, about 55%! 70% of those costs are directly for issues that are self-inflicted lifestyle behaviors. Add to this the fact that employers' health care premiums have risen at least 113% in the past decade alone, and there is a vivid, preventable problem with a solution.

Too often, employer health and wellness programs are more concerned with the process rather than the result. Let us fight that, not with a formality but with a solution.
Until now, employees' health conditions have been considered the cost of doing business. It does not have to be.

Who We Are

Your Health Now LLC is an on-site corporate health & wellness company. We serve as an in-house resource for Human Resources/ Benefits departments to use for health talks/ lunch & learns, ergonomic assessments, on-site chiropractic care, and health fair planning. Our services are brought to you and result in more robust employee participation. We have a definitive impact on the employees, HR departments, and the company as a whole.

The productivity and success of a company is directly related to the quality and quantity of work that is done by it's employees. When it comes to true employee health & wellness, success is directly related to Your Health Now LLC. This is the future for corporate health initiatives, now is the time to start.