How Your Health Now LLC Mitigates Liability

Providing chiropractic care to your business in Princeton, Ewing Township, NJ and surrounding areas including Pennsylvania

The two main concerns of any company are liability and cost. Your Health Now LLC mitigates your company's liability through the methods listed below:

We maintain liability insurance: Your Health now has a general commercial liability insurance policy and a professional liability insurance policy, both with limits of liability between $2-4 million.
We keep your company out of our procedures: Our patient documentation states that all services are between Your Health Now and the employee.
We create sound employee agreements: Our employees agree to hold the company, its managers and shareholders harmless.
Limiting our patient pool: To avoid conflicts of interest and to maintain our focus on health, wellness and productivity, Your Health Now does not accept patients through Medicare, Workman's Comp or automobile cases.

When you agree to host us, we will add your company to our liability insurance as an "additionally insured" entity. We'll also give you a certificate demonstrating that fact.

For more information regarding our liability insurance, call our Ewing Township, NJ location at (609) 651-7436 now.

Offering your workers on-site chiropractic care without any cost to the company

The second area of concern is cost. Your Health Now controls costs to your company by:
Creating employee funded programs: Keeping our programs 100% employee funded ensures your company pays nothing.
Offering planning and organizing services: By limiting the involvement of human resources, we cut down on your company expense.
Accepting employee health plans: We accept multiple payment options, including FSAs and HSAs.

We want to make it easy, safe and affordable for you to give your employees access to chiropractic care. If you have any questions about our payment methods or accepted insurance policies, call our office in Ewing Township, NJ now.

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